10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

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Ever since we were children, our teachers and parents have asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up.  If you want to be in a useful profession during and after the zombie apocalypse, then I would suggest you take a look at these hot jobs that almost every survivor will want in their group.  In no particular order, here are the 10 most useful jobs during the zombie apocalypse.

1.  Medical

Doctors / nurses / dentists / pharmacists / EMTs / nurse’s aids.  Obviously a doctor would know the most about illness symptoms and medicine so having one around would be beneficial for long term survival, but a registered nurse would also have experience administering the medicine and might also be experienced enough to know what does what.  If a doctor or nurse is not available, then you could settle for a dentist or pharmacist because they would have knowledge of medication.  The only problem with a pharmacist or dentist is that unless you have the people to produce the medication, their knowledge is just simply limited to the drug itself and effects of the drugs on the body so when the supplies run out, they had better learn new skills or find a way to manufacture pills.  Lastly, an EMT or nurse’s aid could provide simple care to wounded if there is no other option is available.

zombie profession doctor 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

Somehow I don’t think this is the right kind of doctor…  But I’m sure that thing-a-ma-jig that looks like a pen will come in handy too…

2.  Food Manufacturing 

Farmer/Agriculture Specialist/Hunter/Fisher/Livestock Breeder.  Everyone needs to eat to survive. Even without a medical professional you would need some way of long term food production since grocery stores, restaurants and even houses have a limited supply to loot and looting food will only last you for a few months to a few years. Having a farmer, agricultural specialist or livestock breeder would be ideal for long term survival, but a hunter or fisher could provide short solution during the first months of the outbreak or until all the animals and fish die out, but lucky for them, they are probably good shots and have enough knowledge of civilian grade guns to become a weapons expert (see below).

zombie profession farmer 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse


A farm that produces vegetables and also zombies?  Why not?  Let’s fight fire with fire!  Zombie Farm Battles!  Hya!

 3.  Food Preparation

Chef/Cook/Baker.  While anyone can cook, only an experienced culinary professional will be able to make you good food and not mess up.  They also have training about sanitation and food preservation as well as proper holding temperatures so the people eating it will not get sick or die from bacteria infections. What good is growing wheat when you can’t make bread?  This is when having a baker comes in handy.  If you have a long term way of making food, you could trade with other survivors for resources.

You need a guy with mad skills like this badass mofo cooking for a large group in a giant Chinese wok.  That should be enough food to feed a group of survivors!

4.  Weapons & Combat Expert

Military/Police/Combat Instructor.  The zombie apocalypse is not going to be trip to Disney Land (in spite of what all the Hipsters, Geeks and Comic Nerds think).  When it comes down to survivability, your group will need to be able to effectively combat hordes or zombies and the occasional lawless raider or marauder.  Therefore you need some people who know how to handle a gun or melee weapons.  Anyone who has served in the military would have most likely have had training with assault rifles and can identify not only what caliber bullet a gun uses but also knows how to properly aim and shoot the gun.  Same with police officers, to a lesser degree (hand guns).  A combat instructor can also come in handy for teaching your group how to handle melee weapons such and unarmed fighting to help dispatch zombies in close combat.  The undead aside, you would also need a weapon and combat expert on your side when you are fighting off other humans.

zombie profession weapons expert 300x168 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

I would probably take Deadpool over Deathstroke because he can regenerate wounds, but either one of these guys would work.  Deathstroke might be a bit more mentally stable…

5.  Energy (Electrical/Solar Power) 

Electrical Engineer/Electrician/Solar Panel Expert.  The light bulb may have been invented in the 1800’s, but I still have no idea how to make one.  While not really necessary, having an electrical engineer around can save your life during those long harsh winters when the temperature drops to negative degrees.  Having a guy who knows about generators and harnessing power from solar panels will be a great benefit to re-starting a community.  This way everyone also gets hot water without having to boil it over fire.  Also someone needs to know how to have a limited idea about how to fix the power grid when the zombie apocalypse is over.

zombie profession electrician 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

Someone needs to be able to install a solar panel system so we can live off the grid!

6.  Plumbing

Plumber/Water Expert.  While not entirely necessary, they are convenient to have around.  A plumbing expert will be able to work with the energy expert and create a system where you can have hot showers again.

zombie profession pumber 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

We may have a use for Mario and his brother Luigi after all!

7.  Building and Construction 

Construction Worker/Architect/General Construction Contractor.  There may be a time where you want to rebuild society without having to start over.  A building and construction expert can build a fortified wall to keep zombies and enemies out.

zombie profession architect 300x199 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse


This fortified house was actually built for the zombie apocalypse!  Yes, it’s real!

8.  Automotive 

Mechanical Engineer/Automotive Mechanic.  All those cars will break down eventually.  Having a mechanical engineer around makes it possible to design a zombie apocalypse vehicle that can travel through difficult terrain.  If you don’t have an engineer, then you can still make due with a mechanic who is able to fix broken down vehicles.

zombie profession mechanic 300x187 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

I’m not sure whether this car was made for Death Race or for the zombie apocalypse, but either way this is a Ricer’s wet dream!

9.  Educators and Researchers

Scientists / Teachers / Researchers / Tutors.  A scientist (in particular a chemist) would be the most beneficial since they would know how to create bombs and manufacture medicine.  A plant biologist might be able to identify edible vegetation.  A teacher might be able to provide general educational information.  A researcher would be vital to ongoing learning.  Worst case scenario, you have a tutor (hopefully it is a chemistry or science tutor) who has enough information to get the group by.

 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse

I will study very, very hard teacher!

10.   Communication and Negotiations

Sales Managers / Entrepreneurs / Business Persons / Communications Professionals.  I know what you’re all thinking.  But in their defense, in spite of everything that’s going on (zombie apocalypse, duh!), you still need people with good communication skills and you can’t always go in guns-a-blazing.  While most people would assume sales people to be worthless, having a person with a silver tongue could come in handy at a later point in time, especially with trade deals with other survivors and hostage negotiations with cannibals.  It also helps to have someone with good communication to help ease tensions within the group.

zombie profession negotiator 300x225 10 Most Useful Jobs During the Zombie Apocalypse


We may actually end up needing douche bags like the Priceline Negotiator guy…  I know, I know, normally can’t stand them either, but I’d rather send this dude to the enemy than my best soldier.

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