10 Online Business Marketing Social Media Platforms

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Twitter – What can’t you say in 140 characters?  Twitter is an efficient way to get your point across in a short and sweet way without having to read a 5 paragraph essay.  Twitter is also a great way to share links and other media content.

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Facebook – Having a Facebook page is essential to any business nowadays.  The main reason why having a Facebook page (not a profile) for your business is due to the fact that Facebook pages include a mini analytics section and it will show you statistics on your posts such as Total Reach, Paid Reach and the ability to boost your links through paid promotions.  Although it is a paid aspect, I would highly recommend the Promote Page option, which will help your business by sending out your business posts to Facebook users who have LIKED similar pages or business categories to yours.  The default daily budget is set to 10.00 a day and may help you generate more LIKES for your page if you post outstanding content.

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Facebook is still the king of social media and the LIKE page has a mini analytics interface so you can track your posts.

Reddit – This is a news forum sight where users post links to blog articles.  Reddit was notorious as a sight where the user’s claimed to have “seen it first”, so it is mainly used for promote controversial news stories, but it can also be used to promote a business, product or service.

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Pinterest – This is a photo and image sharing site.  You can use Pinterest to generate more traffic to your website by creating a profile on Pinterest and creating categories.  Each photo can be pinned to a category and anyone who is interested in that subject matter based on the category keywords and recommendations will receive notifications based on their subscriptions or interests.

Google Plus – The king of search engines has created a social media site, which has still not caught on as much as Facebook yet, but is slowly getting there.  The best aspect about Google + is that each and every post you make will backlink and be ranked faster within the Google search engine itself.  The rule of thumb is to not spam and to just keep posting links and commentary onto Google +.  Another great aspect of Google + is that all the posts can be made public, which means that they can be seen by people outside your circle and your friend’s circle.  This way you can just keep on posting to Google + and not worry about talking to yourself, because random people who happen to be logged into a public news feed will be able to see your posts.  Having a Google + profile will also help your business get ranked on the Carousel, which is a great local search feature that will help small businesses.

Linkedin – While this is most commonly used as a networking or resume building social media site, you do have the opportunity to share links to blog and video posts within your circle.  If your content is good enough, you may also attract the attention of people outside your circle, which will generate greater interest and business opportunities in the future.

Stumble Upon –In a nutshell, stumbleupon allows a user to browse random websites based on their interests and what category the website was submitted under.   To use Stumble Upon, all you need to do is set up an account with them and start submitting your content under the appropriate category and Stumblers will find you based on their interests.

Tumblr – Is a micro blogging platform that is commonly used to share multimedia images and video.   Tumbler also allows you to post short texts and links (kind of like Twitter) and is meant to target the hipster and art crowd.

You Tube – if you have the means to create a video or a commercial for your business, then You Tube is a great way to advertise.  Key words on You Tube videos ranks really high within search engines and the ability to allow users to recommend your video on Facebook, Google +, or even embed your video onto their own personal blog or HTML website can also be a great way to help you get your business name out there.

WordPress – Having a blog is an excellent way to share your business with 300 words or more, but it doesn’t stop there and WordPress has become a lot more than just a blogging platform. WordPress is also a great way to manage content such as web pages, images and video (entire websites can be created off of WordPress so why build websites the old fashioned way?).  WordPress does it all (and it even allows you to add custom HTML and CSS to your WordPress template for a more custom look and feel) and with all the different plugins out there, you have the ability to integrate your other social media platforms onto WordPress and people can effectively and easily share your content with their friends and family!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 10 Online Business Marketing Social Media Platforms

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