10 Reasons to Dump Her

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She is a control freak

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If you are in a relationship with someone who always has to keep tabs on what you do, will not let you hang out with your friends unless she is around, then you don’t need to be with her.  A girl like this will just drive you crazy because you will have absolutely no freedom to do whatever you want.  If you’re going to be up to no good, then you will not want a girl like this.


You argue about everything

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Some people get off on conflict and arguing (I do not).  If you and your partner fall into this category, then you can stop reading now.  Otherwise if you want peace of mind, I would suggest finding someone more compatible simply because having someone around who is constantly arguing with you will definitely leave you feeling drained a little angry and more than a bit stressed out.

You are no longer attracted to her

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This is a touchy subject for many (this may not be the best reason to dump her, but a valid one) and you are not going to have many friends if you are the type of person who does this and while this may be considered a douche move by many, you do have to do what’s best for you and if you feel disgusted by your significant other and she is unable to change, then you should just dump her.  This is extremely asshole-like, but it’s your life and no one else is going to be able to share the same experience as you so you might as well do what makes you happy.  No one else is going to be able to go into your head and know exactly how you feel.  It may sound shallow, but if you are no longer able to find your significant other attractive, then you should definitely have that choice.


She spends all your money

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And she doesn’t lift a finger to help out.  You simply do not want this type of woman.  Unless you are a multi-millionaire or billionaire playboy who doesn’t care about this (some men like being the sugar daddy), then I would suggest you dump her simply because your wallet and bank account will thank you!  You will definitely have more disposable money for yourself to make you happy and for any future dates with quality women!


She nags at you about everything

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You don’t want a second mom (unless you really do, but then I won’t argue with you and you can stop reading, but whatever floats your boat okay?) and you certainly don’t want someone on your case all the time about trivial matters or habits that you may have.  It can get annoying if your significant other is always trying to give you advice about stuff that you don’t care about or have already figured out or are already working on.  Or maybe she keeps on telling you something that pushes your buttons.  Annoying people need to be cut out of the equation if you value your peace of mind.


She has conflicting beliefs

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It’s perfectly fine if two people have different ideas and standards, but if her beliefs conflict to what you believe in and neither party is willing to give an inch or compromise, then there is a serious problem in the relationship.  Two people should at least get along in some way and if one of you is Vlad Tepes and the other is Mother Theresa, then I’m sure that the relationship will not end well and you will probably not get along (unless you can somehow be open minded and accept the other person’s beliefs).   Vlad Tepes and Sadistic Goth Chick = okay and Mother Theresa and Peace Corp dude = okay but Vlad Tepes and Peace Corp Chick = not okay.


She is not loyal to you

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Unless you are a swinger or a poly dude, then I’m sure you will probably have a problem with your significant other sleeping around with random people and cheating on you.  If your girl is like this, then you definitely do not want to be in a relationship with her.  Besides this, loyalty can be interpreted in many other ways.  If she is always lying to you and if you just get the feeling that you can’t trust her any more, then you should just dump her and find someone else more compatible.


She is clearly no longer interested in you

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If she is not spending time with you, then she is probably spending time with someone else.  There is really no excuse she could possibly give that makes sense (unless she is in the military or lives in a different part of the world; I’ll get to that later).   If she constantly makes up excuses not to see you, but still has not cut things off, then it is safe to assume that she is looking for someone else and is just holding onto you as a backup plan.  Even person who works three jobs 80 hours a week should still has time to spend with you.  If she won’t even meet up for coffee, then she is no longer interested in you and you should just drop the hammer and move on.


She is abusive

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Unless you are a masochist who enjoys physical pain and/or mental anguish (then you are just f*cked in the head and need psychological evaluation), then you should not be with a girl who is abusive.  This doesn’t necessarily need to be physical abuse, but can also be in the form of mental abuse.  If she is constantly putting you down, insulting you, degrading you and just saying mean things that get under your skin, then you should just leave her because life is not worth being depressed and angry all the time.


There’s no emotional connection

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If she is on a different level than you, then the two of you will never meet.  Sure the sex may be great and she may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but if there is no emotional connection, then your relationship is just empty.  An empty relationship will leave you unfulfilled and you will be miserable in the long run.  Most people would like a more fulfilling relationship, so it’s better to just go back out there and try again.  Or maybe it’s just your destiny to jump from woman to woman (there’s nothing wrong with that if this is what you want).

pinit fg en rect gray 20 10 Reasons to Dump Her

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  1. I would say that all of these EXCEPT the one about not being attracted to her as a good reason to dump a girl. Hell, I’d dump a guy if he was doing any of those things!

  2. Good reasons to want to dump a girl! Ha ha ha ! very funny man! I totally agree!

  3. go to hell daclaud! you give the worst advice you pig! these are not legitimate reazons to dump a girl!

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