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This is Daclaud Lee as a zombie, just because the Walking Dead is on Season 4B

My name is Daclaud Lee and I am a resident of Columbus Ohio.  This blog is just a collection of all of my personal interests, thoughts, short stories, opinions and advice.  I started daclaud dot com back in 2008 as an experiment.  At the time I was a student at Franklin University completing my degree in  e-marketing and web design and this was a class project.  After graduating in 2009, I decided to use this website as an informative and entertaining blog to share my thoughts, opinions, advice, sense of humor, life and work experiences, hobbies and interests.

My Personality:  I am generally a good person who believes right and wrong is subjective to the circumstance, and I do have some roguish tendencies, but nothing malicious.  I see myself as dark, morbid and an introvert by nature, but I trained myself in feigning extroversion for situations that require social interaction.  In a nutshell, I am Chaotic Neutral and it makes me smile!

My Education:  I have an Associate of Science from Columbus State and completed my capstone in Biology.  Then I continued onto the Ohio State University for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, but that plan fell right through when I found out, I had no interest in being a scientist, so I transferred to Franklin University because they had a new degree program (Bachelor of Science) called  e-Marketing, which no other university offered at the time.  I read over the curriculum and it interested me because I was interested in web and graphic design as well as marketing.  I completed the degree in 2009.  You will find a lot of e-commerce and marketing related articles within this blog and I am happy to share my knowledge and opinions.

About My Work Experience:  My parents were restaurant owners and growing up, I was probably more well off financially than most kids, but I learned to appreciate hard work because my parents were always working and when I reached the age of 14, they conscripted me to help out as a host and busboy at their restaurant.  Eventually I was promoted to carry out packager and by the age of 16 my father had taught me how to be a bar tender; how to pour a shot and how to mix drinks.  Eventually I would also learned the basic fundamentals of Chinese and Asian cooking and I have over a year’s experience as a fast paced Chinese restaurant chef and bar tender.

Eventually I would leave the restaurant industry for a while to pursue other fields of work such as sales and marketing, which would prove useful.  I have been a pharmacy technician, a retail sales associate, a commissioned master salesperson, advertising account executive, help desk & tech support, social media marketing coordinator, graphic designer, and rogue.

Interests and Hobbies:  I  am a geek at heart and I have always been interested in anything that is dark and fanciful.  I am a miniature painter (for those who are uninitiated, consider it an “arts and crafts” type of hobby).  I generally like dark fantasy, science fiction and horror books, movies and games.




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