Advice For Women: How to Reject a Man You Do Not Want to Date

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Men are simple and we require direct answers.  No man likes to beat around the bush and it’s easier for a man to accept rejection than to have his thoughts wander in an endless hell of questions that are left unanswered.  Men like it blunt and if you don’t want to date him, then please, for the love of god, tell him!  I’m not about to claim I have any understanding of what women like, but there are a lot of women who for some odd reason, like to give men the silent treatment and that’s just not cool!

As most of you already know, there are three types of men out there: 1.  The Good Guy, 2.  The Bad Guy and 3.  The Nice Guy.  Each one of them will handle rejection differently.  The one thing they all have in common is that they all want to date women and in order to date women, they all want to know right away whether or not you like them; let’s just say it’s easier to move on (or on to the next target for all the bad guys).  Another thing we have in common is that we don’t like bull shit, we don’t like being ignored and we just don’t.  Every man is different, but we can handle rejection, because we are men!  And if a man can’t handle it, then he’s just not quite there yet.

For example (and I hate when women do this by the way), if a guy is texting you and asking you to go out with him for a first, second or third date and you don’t want to go, please don’t ignore him.  If you don’t want to go out with him, just tell him NO, it’s plain and simple.  Some men may be more persistent than others, but if you keep telling him no, even the most dense of man will eventually understand.  You could even give him a valid reason (men always want a reason), so he has some constructive criticism in order to be more successful in the future (for bad guys, it’s just so you don’t waste his time and he would much rather hear you bluntly tell them to f*ck off, because they can find another target easily, or they may just not waste time on you anyways).

Trust me, while every man wants you to say yes, every man wants to be rejected too!  It’s just easier to digest than nothing.  Don’t worry about hurting a man’s feeling’s because we’re men, we can deal with it!  Anyway, here’s how you should reject a man you don’t want to date:

Here are some “polite” ways to reject a man:

1.  I do not want to date you because I do not feel like we are a good match because (insert reason)

2.  I’m sorry, but you’re just not my type (then proceed to explain your type to him).

3.  I just met someone else who I really like, it’s not that you are not attractive, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out with us, but good luck!

4.  I’m sorry, but you’re just not my type and I had a horrible date with you

5.  I’d like to explore other options, but I’ll keep you as a back up (DON’T say this unless you really mean it; nice guys will still hold onto what you said and remain waiting for you).  The bad guy will be like “f*ck this” and the good guy will probably move on, but consider you if you’re somehow available in the future.

Some men like it blunt, don’t be afraid to tell him:

1.  You are too fat/skinny (at least they know…)

2.  You are too ugly (at least the man will know that women like you are out of his league)

3.  I’m sorry, but I just do not find you attractive (at least he has a general answer).

4.  You are not (insert characteristic) enough for me.  I’m sure there are a lot of women out there who would like you for who you are, but I’m just not one of them

Or just tell him the truth and your true reason!

Regarding rejection, every man wants to hear it.  Some men handle it better than others, but it’s better than being strung along.

Let’s start with the Bad Guy.  His motivations are to have sex with you, he may or may not want a relationship with you, but we all know he wants one thing, and that’s you. Some may only want you for the night, while others may want to add you to their harem.  The bad guy can take rejection the easiest, because every woman is just a number to him.  So he will have no problems if you tell him to “piss off”, because he will go out and look for another woman at the drop of a hat.

Next is the Nice Guy.  The nice guy wants a relationship, and the nice guy is probably also the least likely person to get a relationship because he is timid, shy and maybe even socially awkward. In a nut shell, he is not exciting enough to be your type. His timing is the worst and every woman tends to friend zone him.  If you are the type of woman who can see a guy as a friend, but not as a romantic partner, then please tell him that.  You don’t want to waste his time because he will be waiting for you like your favorite dog, but unless you are into beastiality, then as a woman, you probably wouldn’t want to have sex with your favorite dog, yet you love your dog enough to be your best friend.  If you ignore the nice guy long enough, he will probably cuss you out for ignoring him because of all the pent up frustration he has built up.  Or he might do it anyways even if you tell him no, but that’s just because his feelings get hurt easily, so you might as well tell him no right away just so he can go and cry his heart out instead of allowing his heart to feel tortured for any length of time before you finally give him an answer.  Don’t torture him (unless you really are that sadistic, then you are just plain evil, then go for it, I’m not going to judge whether or not good or evil is the “correct” way to go).

 Advice For Women: How to Reject a Man You Do Not Want to Date


This poor fool thinks he still has a chance and will wait forever, if that’s what it takes.  It’s evil to torture such a nice guy for eternity…  That’s what hell is for, don’t make his life a living hell!

Now, the Good Guy.  The good guy will do all the right things and you probably want to date him, if he was only your type, you may be intimidated by him or you might not feel like rejecting him. A good guy will also not want to ever disrespect you, ever, but if you don’t like this particular good guy and you know it, please just tell him the truth, because some good guys will try to be persistent, if this is annoying, then just let him know exactly how you feel about him.  He will back off and though he might be hurt momentarily, he will get over it a lot faster than the nice guy.

The bottom line is, men want to know whether or not you like them.  Now I know, it’s a woman’s job to play coy and be chased, but if you no longer want to be chased, then please don’t hesitate to cut a man off by rejecting him!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Advice For Women: How to Reject a Man You Do Not Want to Date

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  1. Give me your opinions. Why do women like to give men the silent treatment?

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the positive feed back!

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