Anarchy for One Day, Why we Need The Purge

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When The Purge was first released in 2013, I was awestruck, excited and in disbelief.  It was so fascinating to me, that I just had to show my co workers right away.  While they thought it was “crazy”, they did not seem to share my interest in the theme itself.  See, the Purge is themed around a law that was passed by the United States government allowing all crime (including murder) to be legal for 12 hours once a year.  At first the original movie did not meet all of my expectations and I was hoping to see more footage of different Purge scenarios, but after giving it some careful thought, I think the first movie did a great job in paving the way for future stories to take place during the annual Purge simply because Hollywood is out to make money and they know they can capitalize on a Purge franchise since a sequel is released immediately a year after the release of the first movie (it seems like they had plans for this).

I won’t give away any spoilers, but the first movie was only disappointing because it did not show more video footage of Purge events.  At first I thought it would have been a better idea to have a movie that depicted how different people survive the Purge, a movie kind of like that The Air I Breathe, that connects unconnected characters in the same movie.  This would have been a great idea if the producers just wanted to stop there, but as I said, The Purge is going to a franchise and these people are out to make money like with the Saw movies, so why not allow it to be open ended and make more movies by telling more stories little by little.  Maybe there will be a TV series or comic book series in the making later.  Maybe there will even be an MMO, RPG or video game?  I personally think there is a lot that can be done with the Purge and I am patiently awaiting more.

We need The Purge more and more because monsters are no longer scary, because we have debunked most of them as myths and fantasies.  What is scary about The Purge is the reality, the darkness and evil that exists within humanity.  We can relate to other humans, but not to monsters because these emotions and characteristics exists within each and every one of us and it is more frightening than any humanoid monster simply because we all know that monsters are not real, but we are.   The Purge is a movie that allows us to think about our own stories and how we would survive on a day or anarchy.  Since there are so many possible outcomes and stories to tell, it makes for an interesting concept.  It is a movie like this that will make you think and evaluate your lot in life and hopefully it will make you appreciate your own humanity.

In a lawless 12 hour period, you will clearly see all of humanity’s horrible truth come to life because there is no hiding from it (unless that is what you want to do).  It will be clear who is guided and who is misguided (good, evil, neutral).  What will you become?  Will you be the criminal?  Or will you just ride it out and pray that the 12 hours of anarchy ends quickly?  Or will you seek out the criminals by hunting them down as a vigilante?  And then there are the questions of “how” you will do this and “where” you will go.  Can you trust your neighbors?  Can you take care of your family, much less yourself?  Or will you just simply go berserk and show your darker self?  A movie like this will really raise the questions of security, morality and ethics, which is why I believe it is good.

I’m looking forward to seeing The Purge: Anarchy on June 20th 2014

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Anarchy for One Day, Why we Need The Purge

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