Back to School: Safety Tips For College Students

pepper spray may save your life - use it as a last resort
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Don’t be the only girl at a party

As a college student, there is often the desire to go out and party.  With parties comes alcohol and possibly illegal drugs.  You never want to go to a party with people you don’t really know too well and if you’re a female you do not want to go to a party that is predominantly male (especially not the frat parties that are usually filled with douche bags).  Unless of course you like that kind of thing, then there’s nothing I can really say about it, but if you are the only female at the party, then be careful not to actually be drugged out and become the party.  Don’t be naïve and don’t be trusting, because most guys will jump at the opportunity to take advantage of a drunk girl.  Considering everyone has access to a camera phone these days don’t be surprised if you end up humiliated and the video clip put up on Pornhub’s  amateur pages.  Unless you are an exhibitionist, then you don’t want this.

Don’t get too intoxicated

This rule applies to everyone, male and female.  The worst thing you can do at a college party or bar is to get go overboard with the booze and drugs.  Don’t ever get to the point where you black out because people might end up drawing on you (like the poor bastard below) but that’s not the least.  If you’re not careful you could be beaten, robbed, raped or even killed (either accidental or deliberately) while you’re walking home.  I’ve heard stories of drunk college kids getting hit by cars and left for dead.  You don’t want to be another number.

passed out girl Back to School: Safety Tips For College Students

you don’t want to be the icon of this de-motivational poster…

Stay within a well lit area

Darkness provides cover for any would be assailant so it will always be beneficial to stay within a well lit area with room to escape.  If you call for help, there is also a better chance that someone will come to your rescue if they can see you.  Unless the assailant is wearing a mask, then you can also identify him easier as well as make out any distinguishable clothing, tattoos or jewelry.  Assailants are also less likely to attack someone in well lit areas; I’m not saying it never happens, it’s just less likely.

Never Travel Alone

Always travel with another person if you can.  Walking around alone, especially at night is not really a good idea unless you are confident enough that you are able to defend yourself.  Most rapists will not target a female who is with someone and you stand a better chance of getting help if you are with someone.  Having a friend around gives you two advantages, the first one being having one other person with you to back you up in a fight (last resort) as it is always better to just run away.  Having another person with you allows the opportunity for one of you to escape and call for help.

Carry a bottle of pepper spray

Guns are usually outlawed and banned on college campuses, so the next best thing is either a taser or pepper spray.  I would personally recommend pepper spray over a taser as it will blind the assailant, while a stun gun will only annoy him.  Use this as a last resort and only if you have to.  Most of the time you should never put yourself in a situation like this, but if you need to just spray the bastard in the eyes and it will allow you time to escape.  I would not recommend a knife, simply because it may also be illegal to have one concealed, but also, unless you know how to use it, your assailant could easily turn it against you if you are not properly trained in knife fighting techniques.  Don’t bother with martial arts, because most martial arts taught in commercial studios are just simply that, an “art”.  If you want to be a badass (I would not recommend it, because there’s really no glory in a street fight, just damages and wounds that may never heal) then learn Krav Maga or some other form of disarming fighting style.

pepper spray Back to School: Safety Tips For College Students

pepper spray may save your life – use it as a last resort

For advice on how to increase your awareness and safety perception continue reading 5 Tips to Enhance your Street Perception 

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