Berserk 3rd Movie Golden Arc III Descent was brutally weak

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Berserk is one of the Darkest anime out there and I like it for that very reason and I consider it to be my favorite anime, but the new Berserk Movie: Golden Arc III Descent was as brutal as it was weak.  It may have been the Japanese voice actors (I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the Japanese Language so watching it in Japanese just bored the hell out of me).  I may like the English version better, I’ll have to watch it when they translate it and hopefully I will get a better   On a side note, the first Berserk movie: Golden Arc I The Egg of the King was just f*cking awesome though!  The intro scene with the siege reminded me of a renaissance version of Kingdom of Heaven, which was another great movie staring Orlando Bloom.

Overall, I guess liked the movie.  The animation was slick and the story pretty much summarized the events of the pre-Eclipse portion of the Berserk story arc.  I was disappointed that they did not include the crazy ape Apostle named Wyld the leader of the Black Dog Knights, who is a murder and rapist.  Wyld is introduced in the manga having sex with 10 women at the same time, so you know what kind of guy he is.  His Black Dog Knights are a band of criminals that the King of Midland freed in order to support the war effort with Tudor, but they were so brutal and violent that they were exiled to a remote region in Midland just because they would pillage local villages and towns, raping all the women and killing all the men.  I am not sure why the King of Midland kept them around even after the war, but when Griffith escaped he sent the Black Dog Knights after Gutts and party (the anime movie instead just featured basic Midland troops hunting down Gutts).  Wyld is indeed a messed up character and perhaps a bit too dark for a mainstream movie, but that’s the point.  I suppose including Wyld would have made the movie too long, but I just thought that he was such an interesting character that he deserved a spot.

Other than that, the third Berserk movie was not really my favorite because this portion of the story arc just seems a bit boring as there was a lot to summarize (hence the reason why it was weak), but I did like the fact that it showed how Gutts and Casca escaped the demonic lands that they were sucked into when Griffith was turned into an Apostle.  This is one scene that the original anime disappointed me with by just leaving the audience hanging as the original anime just ended with Casca getting raped by Griffith and Gutts having to cut off his own arm to save her and unless you read the manga, you would not have any idea what happened afterwards.  The Berserk movie showed all of this and when Gutts cut off his arm to save Casca, he was pinned down by the demons and forced to watch his former friend rape the woman he loved.  I’ve never seen anything more brutal than this in any genre, much less fantasy.  I did not read the manga and for 10 years I was left with the feeling of not knowing what happened.  Now I can finally go on with my life knowing about Skull Knight.

FIG IPN 5585 04 Berserk 3rd Movie Golden Arc III Descent was brutally weak

Here is the bad ass Mr. Skull Knight; he is an awesome and enigmatic character in the Berserk movie.

All in all, I am very much looking forward to watching the rest of the movie series because I would love to see the Eclipse and Black Swordsman story arcs come to life and animation.  Hopefully the producers of the Berserk movie series will be able to do a better job with the rest of the story than they did with Descent.  In spite of everything, I think I will still find it interesting simply because I did not and probably will not read the manga for a very long time.  Once these new movies are made, I may go back and compare how they summarized it.  I may be disappointed or I may not.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Berserk 3rd Movie Golden Arc III Descent was brutally weak

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