Daclaud Lee Recommends: Pumpkin Beer a Real Autumn Treat!

Daclaud Lee likes pumpkin beer Daclaud Lee likes Pumpkin Beer!
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Autumn is approaching once again and Daclaud was able to get his grubby little hands on some tasty pumpkin beer!  While August is a rather early month to find pumpkin beer, there are several bars in Columbus that started stocking it early.  Now Daclaud does not claim to be an expert on beer, nor does he even believe he has the taste buds to be a connoisseur, but what he does know that he loves pumpkin beer! Although, his love for pumpkin beer may be a bit biased, (Daclaud Lee’s favorite season is autumn and his favorite holiday is Halloween) Daclaud will be drinking pumpkin beer until he has tried them all (well at least all that he can find at the stores and bars in Columbus Ohio)!  Anyway, Daclaud really thinks he is talking out of his ass when he recommends and describes all these beers, but he will try his best to at least appear to be a beer snob (even though he knows he’s not) for shits, giggles just to sound like a pseudo-beer intellectual.

The very first pumpkin beer Daclaud ever tried was called Ichabod. Ichabod has a rich and spicy flavor like cinnamon. His girlfriend at the time flinched and was repulsed by its taste; she told Daclaud, “you can have the rest!” Well, Daclaud Lee is not a picky guy when it comes to beer, and while he can definitely taste spices, he was disappointed that there was really no obvious pumpkin taste or scent to Ichabod Pumpkin Ale. Ichabod Pumpkin Ale does, however, have a cool looking label with the Headless Horseman as its logo. This beer is medium texture and may not appeal to everyone.  While not his favorite, Daclaud Lee mainly likes this beer because it has a really cool label!

 Daclaud Lee Recommends: Pumpkin Beer a Real Autumn Treat!

Ichabod Pumpkin Ale – Daclaud Lee likes it!

O’Fallon’s pumpkin beer is something Daclaud would recommend to a beginner. This beer is lighter in color and in flavor, and the aroma and taste of pumpkin pie is definitely there! Daclaud is not even a trained beer drinker but even he can detect the taste of pumpkin pie!  Overall Daclaud was very impressed with O’Fallon’s Pumpkin Beer and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is not a fan of heavier, malty or hoppy flavors. Lager drinkers will definitely like this one, because the density seems to be on par with a Budweiser/lager type of beer.

 Daclaud Lee Recommends: Pumpkin Beer a Real Autumn Treat!

Daclaud Lee really likes O’Fallon’s Pumpkin Ale – Great for Halloween!

Post Road Pumpkin Beer is a darker beer that Daclaud thinks has a very malty and hoppy flavor.  Daclaud is generally not a fan of dark beer or IPAs in general nor is he a fan of hops, which according to him, leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.  Daclaud often feels like he drank 500 calories after a bottle of malty beer, so he tends to stay away from them.  Actually… what the hell is a “hop” anyway?  Well, outside of Farmville and Wikipedia, Daclaud still doesn’t really know much about hops and why people like to brew beer with them, but he does know he is not a fan of them. Daclaud, does however like Pumpkin Beer enough to drink Post Road again, just because he is strangely obsessed with all things Autumn, October, Halloween and Pumpkins.  So in spite of the bitter hoppy flavor, Daclaud Lee would probably drink this again on Halloween night just because he enjoys the season (not to mention his pumpkin beer).

 Daclaud Lee Recommends: Pumpkin Beer a Real Autumn Treat!

Post Road Pumpkin Beer was hoppy, but Daclaud Lee liked in anyways! Just because he likes Pumpkin beer!

While there are many more Pumpkin Beers out there, Daclaud Lee will only have time to blog about three.  He does intend to try out each and every one before the Autumn Season is over. If he ever gets around to it, Daclaud Lee will definitely update his blog with more Pumpkin beer reviews!


There are a lot of grocery stores and specialty shops that carry a wide variety of pumpkin beer. Don’t bother looking at your local State Liquor agency, because these guys usually don’t keep much specialty stuff in stock (but there are exceptions).  Daclaud Lee suggests you to take a look at your local grocery store chains first such as Giant Eagle or Kroger Marketplace as these stores generally have a better selection of specialty beer than let’s say Meijer or Walmart.  There are also several independent general stores that stock assorted varieties of micro beer such as The Andersons and World Market. These places have been stocking Pumpkin beer since beginning of September and the end of August and generally you can buy Pumpkin ale as late as early December, but if you’re lucky you may find a place that stocks it all year around. Autumn is definitely the season of the Pumpkin!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Daclaud Lee Recommends: Pumpkin Beer a Real Autumn Treat!

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  1. Pumpkin beer is awesome man!I just simply love this stuff and I’ve been seeing a lot of grocery stores stock this now!

  2. I love autumn for this very reason! Don’t you think it is a little early to be talking about pumpkin beer?

  3. I had pumpkin beer for the first time at this place called Mugsy’s off of Hilliard Rome road and it was awesome man! I am hooked on this shizzit! I’m glad I read your article Daclaud! Keep up the good work buddy!

    • Pumpkin Beer is def my favorite as well! I usually go to specialty craft stores or stores that specialize in beer. There is a place off of Kenny Rd. that sells all kinds of beer. Other than this, there’s Anderson’s general store and world market; they tend to carry good pumpkin beer!

  4. Daclaud, you are talking out of your ass and you can’t even review worth sh8t! Stop writting wile your a head and just hang yourself you idiot!

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