Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

The Exorcist - Demons
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8mm Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

8MM Nicholas Cage

While not technically “horror”, this movie did scare the hell out of me the first time I saw it. Snuff films were once considered urban legend, but nowadays we know they are real, simply because of the evil that exists within the hearts of mankind. Humans have always been fearsome and terrifying creatures to me and sometimes I fear the evil that may exist within me. This movie is terrifying simply because humans are scary monsters. To think that people can actually rape and butcher someone on film is just plain disturbing and to think that there are actually people out there who would pay money for such a film is even more disturbing.



Fear dot com 

feardotcom 201x300 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Speaking of snuff films, what if the concept of murder was broadcasted online? The internet is developing and changing constantly and I have heard it referred to as the “Wild West” before since many laws do not apply to what is published online. Fear dot com is a supernatural horror film about a murder victim that was killed in front of a camera and streamed live on an internet site. The movie itself was lacking in plot, but the concept is something that can keep you up at night. I suppose some people have always had a morbid fascination with death; the concept in itself is frightening to me simply because of the pain and torture involved with the death itself. Nowadays death videos can be found on underground death sites that require a membership. Once you get this membership (many of these sites require an invite) you can watch videos with extreme gore and even murder and accident scenes where the victim is writhing in agony while some sick F*ck films them. To think that one human could allow something like this to happen to another is simply dreadful and sick, yet as long as we have a morbid fascination for death and suffering, there will be people out there who are willing to produce these videos.


se7en 208x300 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Seven Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman

Also not technically “horror”, the movie Se7en does have many horror elements. Back in the 90’s it was very rare to find a movie as dark and twisted as Se7en. This movie focuses on the seven deadly sins and a killer who is trying to set an example for humanity. While I’m not sure how much of an impact the murder would have if the crimes were committed in real life, but the ending certainly had one of the most alarming twists to ever make it onto the big screen. Se7en pretty much set the example for modern day serial killer movies due to its explicit and raw nature. Once again proving how evil and twisted humans can be. Maybe your next door neighbor is also a killer? Maybe your co-worker is, maybe the person that you bullied, or maybe that charming guy or girl at the bar or club. You never know as any one of us could be a psychopath.



The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

texas chainsaw massacre Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Leatherface the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

As long as you are armed with a gun, then this movie is not so scary because the main villain is only human and he only has a chainsaw, so if you shoot him a few times before he is able to get to you, then you can just walk away with a smile on your face knowing that you just killed a murderous madman. Never bring a knife to a gun fight (never bring a chainsaw to a gunfight either). However, if you are unarmed, do not know how to fight and cannot react quickly enough to evade a chainsaw, then I suppose you are pretty screwed because a chainsaw trumps bare hands. Now, the true reason why The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was so scary was is not because it features a crazed psychopath who enjoys flaying and dismembering people with a chainsaw. It is the chainsaw itself. The noise itself is startling to any sane individual and I will be the first to admit, chainsaws are f*cking scary! It is a tool and an instrument of destruction that is to be feared and respected, because if you’re not careful with how you handle it, you could lose a limb.



saw 202x300 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Saw Reverse Bear Trap – Jigsaw

Speaking of losing a limb; many limbs were lost by the victims in Saw. Saw is a gory movie, but it is also one of those situation-type horror movies that keeps you thinking about “what would you do” if you were in that situation? The difference between Saw and other horror movies is that the main villain never really kills anyone, but he presents a truly vicious and deadly trap that feeds on the victim’s fears. All of the traps have an escape clause and if the victim truly wanted to live, they would be able to do whatever was required to escape. One example is from the movie’s introduction. The first trap was a reverse bear trap that was designed to crush the victim’s head and rip off her face and jaw if she did not disarm it within an allocated time frame. Here’s the catch, the key was inside a living person and the woman in the reverse bear trap had to dig the key out of someone’s intestines. I’ll let you figure out what happens if you haven’t seen the movie, but there is always a way out of Jigsaw’s death traps.


Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein 

frankenstein Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Robert DeNiro & Kenneth Branagh

I’ve always been fascinated with this Gothic Horror tale of a madman creating another man by stitching together a bunch of corpses. From my knowledge of her background, Mary Shelly was not even a horror writer, but she did an excellent and amazing job with Frankenstein that it was made into many movie variations and is still a popular and well known theme even today. The reason why this story was so amazing is because it probably influenced a lot of modern day horror movies, comic books, and even video games, such as Resident Evil. The Nemesis is a bioengineered experiment that first made an appearance in Resident Evil 3. You didn’t get the backstory until they released the movie, but the Nemesis creation is basically an ordinary man turned into a hulking beast that resembled Frankenstein’s monster. What is truly terrifying about the Frankenstein monster is that it was able to turn science and medicine into something terrifying.

Night of the Living Dead 

 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Zombies from Night of the Living Dead

George Romero is definitely the father of the modern day zombie, which has become a rather popular theme in pop culture discussions as of late; so much that there have been people obsessed with zombies and the idea of an apocalypse. This perhaps may lead to another article I will write sometime down the road, simply because I have always been fascinated with zombies myself. When I was very young, I used to think that they were cool. I used to look forward to popping zombies in Resident Evil 2 back in the day of the old PS2. I loved this movie simply because without it, there would be no zombie hype we have today. Why do I like zombies so much? I assume it’s just a morbid fascination to destroy an undead creature and to be a hero. I mean slow moving zombies aren’t even that scary. The only way they could kill you is if you’re in a confined space and the room is being flooded with the. I suppose the fear comes from the fact that society will crumble and we would have to start over again. Perhaps some people are afraid of anarchic aspects such as having to deal with looters and marauders, and having to defend against not only the walking dead, but also other humans who disagree with you and want what you have.

The Hills Have Eyes 

hills have eyes 192x300 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

The Hills Have Eyes

This movie was pretty disturbing and crazy and was probably the movie that set the standard for the “Hillbilly Horror” subgenre. The reason why it is disturbing is because the “monsters” are more or less human. The only difference is that they are mutated due to nuclear testing in the desert. Due to inbreeding and isolation, these people slowly became monsters with inhuman strength and endurance. This movie was truly terrifying because it featured a defenseless family getting raped and murdered by these crazies. The true horror I believe stems from the sense of being over powered by a creature that was crazed and very difficult to kill due to the mutations, psychological and physical defects that turned them into bizarre super humans with carnal urges and a murderous lust. These monsters could do whatever they wanted with your family and kill you later, and there you are powerless to stop them and guns won’t work either since they are super human and not only that, they ambushed you.



poltergeist 219x300 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Poltergeist – Angry Ghosts

This movie really creeped me out as a little kid. The old man in it made me fear all old men and supernatural spirits in general. While I have never actually encountered an angry spirit or ghost myself, the concept of malicious, incorporeal supernatural spirits can be frightening simply because there is nothing you can do to kill them since they are ethereal, guns and knives will not be able to do you any good. So the next time you are along, wandering through a lonely old building at night and you hear a noise, it may send chills up your spine not knowing whether it was the wind, a mouse or an evil spirit.





The Exorcist 

the exorcist Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

The Exorcist – Demons

In the ancient and medieval world, demons were a popular subject. To these people these supernatural beings were real and they took the form of murder and madness. There was some debate as to whether or not people with mental health issues are really crazy or if they are just simply possessed by some demonic force. Personally I have no idea what is true and what is not. All I know is that the movie the Exorcist was based on a true story about a young boy who was supposedly possessed by a demonic force. If you believe that ghosts and evil spirits are scary, then demons are definitely scarier simply because they are an ancient and evil force of which the concepts of time and human suffering have no meaning to them. A demonic being simply exists to cause evil and it has no regard for anything good. Mere mortals are unable to destroy them as they are beyond anything we can ever hope to comprehend. When it comes down to it, all evil originally stemmed from the concept of demons and I believe the demon is the base of the world’s horror.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

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  1. Scary movie buff // August 26, 2013 at 12:47 pm // Reply

    I love scary movies! The Texas Chainsaw massacre was one of my favorites and I was scared out of my chair when I first saw it as a kid. A crazy dude running at you with a chainsaw is just really, really terrifying! Great movies for halloween or whenever you want a good scare! I did however think you should have included The Blair Witch Project and Silent Hill on your list!

  2. Lorrissa Lockheart // August 26, 2013 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    Fear dot com was pretty lame! I understand where you’re getting at, but I personally thought it was garbage.

  3. Tell me what you think of my horror movie list! These movies are great for Halloween or just any time of the year when you want to be scared.

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