Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Synthpop Bands

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10 New Order

Favorite Song: True Faith

True Faith is probably a song about a cocaine addiction and recovery (at least that’s what I got out of the lyrics anyway).  Now I’m not addicted to any kind of drug nor have I ever done any type of drug, but this song does have a catchy melody and good lyrics which is why I like it.  Since there’s really not much meaning that True Faith has for me, but it invokes a feeling of hope, strength and a way out and this is why I like it.


9 Cosmicity

Favorite Song: I Want You

This is a slightly dark and slightly morbid love song that is like no other love song.  Not only does it have a catchy beat and melody, but it also has lyrics that I could relate to when I first heard the song.  I Want You is pretty much a song about a toxic relation relationship that should probably end, yet the vocalist keeps on wanting more of her.


8 James D. Stark

Favorite Song: Bitter End

I am not gay, but James D. Stark’s voice is just simply amazing!  I have never heard a more beautiful sounding voice such as his.  Once again, I am totally straight but I could just fall in love with his voice, hypothetically speaking that is, assuming you could actually fall in love with someone’s voice; not saying it’s impossible, but it would be kind of odd.  The lyrics are also a bit dark and moody and it speaks of not being able to accomplish enough, a pointless, repetitive existence and failure.  At one point in life I may have felt like this, but I’m over it.  I can’t say we all have been down that path, but most of us have and I certainly had at one point.  This is a song that just fills you with emptiness and depression.  Do not listen to it if you’re already depressed because it may make you suicidal.  For a song to be able to invoke this much negative emotional charge with such morbid beauty is just amazing.


7 Neuroactive

Favorite Song: Moments Passing By

This is an interesting song about time and how it never stops.  It may be about regret, but I think it’s more about nostalgia more than anything and it does make me yearn for a past that I can never relive again.  Whenever I listen to this song I am filled with nostalgia and I think of chilled autumn breezes and lonely trees stripped of leaves.  I am also left feeling with a sense of dread, despair, contemplation and innocence on top of the general feeling of nostalgia.  It is difficult for a song to release so many emotions at the same time, but Neuroactive does it well.  Halloween comes to mind, a season filled with mystery, magic and fun.  I suppose this is where the nostalgic feeling comes from, simply because I always look forward to Halloween, the cold autumn nights, the loneliness, the terror and the fun.


6 Echo Image

Favorite Song: Like a Child

This is a song that is dark and upbeat at the same time, which Echo Image is able to pull off in almost every song they have.  Echo Image seems to go from electronic dance to electronic indie (can’t say I like their indie stuff), but at least half of their songs are great.  Like a Child speaks to me as it reminds me that there is still someone out there that makes me feel young again.  This song makes me feel happy and depressed at the same time and to invoke both emotions simultaneously is very difficult, which is why I like this song.


5 Iris

Favorite Song: Waves Crash In

When the Waves Crash In, it really erodes my heart like the ocean waves erode the rocks on the shore.  Iris was one of the first modern (as in 2000+) synthpop bands I ever listened to and I found out that I liked them right away.  Every time I listen to this song I am reminded of someone who was with me before, but is no longer here now (the lyrics make that obvious).  This song always makes me feel a sense of sadness and regret, both of which are negative emotions, but the song also calms me and allows me a sense of peace and acceptance of the fact.  The fact that I will never see her again.


4 Beborn Beton

Favorite Song: Another World

This song was played at Goth clubs back in the earlier and mid 2000’s.  I like this song because you can dance to it, sing along with it and I tend to feel more happiness than sadness when I listen to it.  To me the concept of death is not so bad as I see it as an eternal slumber (assuming there is no such thing as heaven, hell or reincarnation).  The peace I hope to find exists in the world of dreams and within the land of dreams you can be and do anything you want, hence the peace I’ll find in another world; a world of my own creation.


3 Edge of Dawn

Favorite Song: Siren’s Call

Edge of Dawn has become one of my more recent favorite bands (actually it’s more like a duo of two German guys, but I’ll call them a band because they still are).  Waiting for the Siren’s call is definitely about sex and wild sex (possibly with a prostitute, but maybe some random chick at the bar or club).  I like this song because it is catchy, it is sexy and it’s mature enough to be dirty and classy at the same time.


2 Camouflage

Favorite Song: Me and You

This song really doesn’t have much meaning to me and I have no idea why I placed it so high on my list.  The lyrics are just kind of bland and I interpret the meaning of the lyrics to be borderline multiple personality disorder, but I can’t really pinpoint it, but the song is definitely about a crazy person on medication (at least I think).  In all honestly, I can’t even explain how I can actually relate to this song, but I like it because Camouflage has always been catchy.


1 Depeche Mode 

Favorite Song: Policy of Truth

Depeche Mode is my favorite synthpop band simply because they were the fathers of synthpop (yeah I know this is debatable, but I really don’t care who came before DM because they obviously sucked since no one remembers them) and they were certainly the first synthpop band I ever heard.  This song really stuck out simply because of the catchy sound, magnificent vocals and provocative lyrics.  The lyrics themselves indicate a time that is over, an era that is dead.  To me it is about regret and the inability to move on even though time doesn’t stop and slowly the truth is revealed whether you want to know or not.  The truth being time itself.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Daclaud Lee’s 10 Favorite Synthpop Bands

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