Daclaud Lee’s ABC’s of Death aka The Morbid Alphabet Book of Death

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Daclaud Lees ABCs of Death aka The Morbid Alphabet Book of Death

My name is Daclaud Lee and I’ve always wanted to write a horrifyingly morbid children’s book just to f*ck with parents and their “little angels” (yes I am one sick bastard, but it’s all sarcasm and obscure humor; deal with it).  I’ll be the first to admit that I was inspired by The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey (so there’s no misconception that I’m some douche bag trying to claim this as an original idea), but I wanted something 10 times more brutal and controversial.  I do not have illustrations just yet (I haven’t drawn a picture in 10 years and I’m not sure if I really know where to start), but here are Daclaud Lee’s ABC’s of Death (when I have pictures, I will update).

Inspired by the Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey….  Look it up because I’m not posting a link!

A is for Alice – Arsenic Abuse

(my vision was a little girl who drank too much rat poisoning and is writhing in agony)

B is for Bruno – Brutally Bludgeoned

(my inspiration was to see Bruno Mars brutally clubbed to death with his skull bashed in, brains everywhere)

C is for Clifford – Chopped by a Cleaver

(not sure why the name Clifford… seemed like a douche bag name and to see a dude with body parts all chopped off by a cleaver seemed funny)

D is for Donald – Death by Decapitation

(kind of generic, but picture some Taliban execution…  slow and painful decapitation…)

E is for Esmeralda – Enthusiastically Eviscerated

(Esmeralda may have been beautiful, but now her entire body is eviscerated, gashing wounds wide open)

F is for Francis – Frightfully Flayed

(some douche bag named Francis getting flayed alive… nice!)

G is for Gregory – Gleefully Gutted

(a bit basic, but getting disemboweled and gutted seems like a painful and slow death)

H is for Harold – Hysterically Hung

(Harold died laughing as his body just swung back and forth)

I is for Ingrid – Intriguingly Immolated

(Ingrid did this to herself and no one was there to save her)

J is for Juniper – Jadedly Jumped

(imagine a person who just exploded… death by jumping is not pretty)

K is for Krystal – Kidnapped and Knifed

(a bit too basic, but what did they do to her before she was kidnapped and knifed?  Use your imagination!)

L is for Lenora – Lavishly Lacerated

(LOL like Pinhead, but with cuts all over; maybe done with a chained whip?)

M is for Miranda – Mauled and Mutilated

(bones crushed, body destroyed… a bit basic, but need I say more?)

N is for Norman – Nailed until Necrosis

(rusted nails pierced his body and Norman just laid there while his body rotted away)

O is for Ophelia – Obscurely Obliterated

(nothing left but a pulp… imagine that….)

P is for Paul – Painfully Plummeted

(another fall…  not pretty as Paul’s brains probably burst out from the impact)

Q is for Quentin – Quaintly Quartered

(four ropes binding to each limb plus a hacksaw = quartered)

R is for Rhonda – Ruptured and Raped

(she was raped only “after” she was ruptured… however this works…)

S is for Sam – Severed by Saw

(limbs, limbs, limbs… not pretty… sick if you ask me…)

T is for Thomas – Tortured and Torn

(and more limbs and organs torn out…)

U is for Ulysses – Utterly Useless

(Ulysses might as well be dead because he is brain dead!)

V is for Veronica – Violently Victimized

(use your imagination…)

W is for Walter – Wickedly Wasted

(once again, left up to interpretation… how twisted is YOUR mind?)

X is for Xavier – Xanax OD

(it gets harder as you reach the end)

Y is for Yvette – Yearning for Yersinia Pestis

(and even harder… to find a cure…)

Z is for Zachariah – Zyklon B;  Zzzzzz….

(just to piss the Jews off)


That’s it for now!  I’ll leave the visualizations to the “artists” since I can’t really draw anymore (no inspiration or desire).  Imagine them being kids…  Oh the controversy!   Until next time!  – Daclaud Lee

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Daclaud Lees ABCs of Death aka The Morbid Alphabet Book of Death

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Daclaud Lee is a resident of Columbus Ohio.

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  1. Something tells me that I’m going to get a lot of shit for this, but oh well! Can you imagine reading this to a first grader?

  2. Jack Skellington // July 11, 2013 at 9:11 pm // Reply

    Very morbid and very Edward Gorey like… Seems like a pretty inappropriate ABC book for kids, which is very cool… I like…

  3. motherhood // July 30, 2013 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    Very Interesting! Thanks

  4. I went over this website and I believe you have a lot of great information, saved to my bookmarks (:.

  5. What do you think of my Edward Gorey inspired ABC book? Does anyone want to help me with some illustrations? I would truly appreciate it!

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