Daclaud Lee’s Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns

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Why are clowns so scary to some people (Daclaud Lee is a rock hard bastard who isn’t afraid of clowns okay? But he does realize that some people are)? Personally I’ve never considered them scary, but there are a great number of people who suffer from Coulrophobia. I suppose it all starts with some bad childhood experience with clowns. So that being said, I can understand why; clowns are generally portrayed as psychopathic maniacs who like to kill people and rape little children. They’re usually balding and wearing some sort of elaborate outfit that’s just bizzarre, which is another reason why people fear them.

10. The Joker 
thejokerarkham Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
I’ll be the first to admit, the Joker is more bad ass than scary, and the original concept of the Joker was supposed to be an insane killer with absolutely no remorse. The Joker once gassed an entire Kindergarten class and beat the shit out of Robin with a crowbar, he even shot Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl in the back, paralyzing her. This guy is definitely not one to be f*cked with!

9. Violator 
spawnclown Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
He’s a morbidly obese clown who’s scary as f*ck because he’s also a powerful demon (and he’s fat as f*ck and fat people in clown makeup are just scary all in their own right).

8. Captain Spalding 
captain%20spalding Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
He’s the wacko owner of a house of horrors in the middle of nowhere. Not only that, but Captain Spalding also affiliated with a bunch of murderous psychopaths in a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere. I mean look at this guy, he just looks like a lunatic! Who would want to f*ck with him?

7. Clown Zombie from Left 4 Dead 2 
left 4 dead 2 clown Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns

If you’ve ever played Left 4 Dead 2 you will know what I mean!  This mother f*cker just pops out out of nowhere and scares the sh*t out of you in Left 4 Dead 2.  He also comes with an army of zombies that he unleashes towards you. He’s known as the “pied piper” of zombies and you can an achievement called the “Fried the Piper” (or something like that) if you can successfully torch him and 15 other zombies with a molotov. If you can melee him 10 times you also get another achievement but I forgot what it is.  Anyway, I just don’t like clowns and when they are zombies, it is much worse!


6. Doink the Clown

doinktheclown Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
I remember him from WWF wrestling and he was one scary dude! He would come into the ring and act all crazy and psychopathic. He has a partner who is a midget version of him. The worst part of losing a wrestling match to Doink was also getting your ass kicked by a little midget clown… He also likes to sneak up behind you and throw pies in your face. Midgets are just plain creepy by the way, and midget clowns?


5. Bozo the Clown

bozo Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
This guy is just plain creepy looking. I’m sure hundreds of thousands of children were severely disturbed by the Bozo show… Bozo the clown looks more like a pedo that Pedobear!


4. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

killer klowsn Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be creeped out by these psycho clowns… They’re murderous psychopathic aliens who are resilient to bullets, so they’re pretty hard to kill. There’s also a 30ft version called Klown-Zilla who will really fuck your shit up! (Even though Daclaud Lee is a rock hard bastard, I’m sure even he would high tail it and run like a mo fo!)


3. Ronald McDonald

RonaldMcDonald Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
Ronald McDonald is a pretty disturbing dude if you ask me. I’ve seen so many children cry and run our screaming from McDonald’s because they are afraid of the 6 ft tall clown trying to give them a happy meal. It’s also poses like the one above that is bound to give people nightmares…


2. Pennywise the Clown

pennywise Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
If anyone remembered watching Steven King’s It as a kid, you will know exactly why this clown is scary. I remember having a girlfriend who wasn’t afraid of cutting herself, but was terrified of Pennywise… I can see why, he looks like a child molesting pedophile who will chop you up into little pieces!


1. John Wayne Gacy aka Pogo the Clown

gacypogotheclown Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns

Speaking of pedophiles and murderers… John Wayne Gacy was the real thing! This dude was just a fucked up maniac who murdered more than 30 teenage boys after having sex with them. Apparently he buried them in his basement and was later caught. This guy is the main reason why clowns are so fucking scary!


Hot Clown Chick aka Sexy Clown Girl

sexyclown Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns
You know what? Not all clowns are scary! I mean some people might be disturb with the thought of having sex with a chick in clown make up, but now me! This clown is actually pretty hot, and hell yeah I’d hit it!


– Daclaud Lee

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Daclaud Lees Top 10 Scary Ass Clowns

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    Scary clowns are scary…. nuff said!

  2. I have always wondered why people like clowns so much… this is the most read article on my blog for some odd reason! Probably a bunch of perverts jacking off to the sexy clown chick, am I right?

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