DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

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What is the point of a DUI arrest?  It is NOT to prevent an accident or a murder because the BAC rate is only 0.08 which is the equivalent of 2 – 3 beers or 2 glasses of wine for most people.  Usually the so called “impaired” driver is simply trying to make it back home without getting harassed by police officers looking to fulfill their quota; in spite of what they tell you, all police officers have a quota.  This may not necessarily be a personal quota, but instead a city quota established by the law makers to create more criminals out of people who are just trying to make it back home.

money justice DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

Someone will prosper when you get pulled over for a DUI…

Let”s look at this from a business perspective: more criminals equal more income for key individuals within the justice system.  Whenever someone gets charged with a DUI, they will be subjected to outrageous fines, a ticket for an OVI charge (which has to be paid), court cost, attorney fees and additional costs if they choose to do the hotel option instead of three days in jail.

judge DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

You sir, have been served! I don’t care whether you’ve been drinking or not. You are GUILTY!

Fines and court costs are the main reason why the city officials, judges and police department makes so much money.  I don’t know what it’s like in smaller towns or cities, but I’ll use Columbus Ohio as an example.  In Columbus Ohio there must be at least 100 people a week doing the DUI hotel program which is regulated by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  Now this hotel program is not free and you need to pay at least $375 to $500 for the weekend (72 Hours).  Now, the Hotel Room itself does not cost $100 a day, it’s more like $35 to $50 a day at the most (bulk rate).   Just going by estimations alone, I would say MADD pockets a pretty good percentage of the fee (how’s that for a non profit organization?)

Since MADD is a non profit organization (so they say) they pay no taxes and they can take on as many volunteers as they like with their cult like following.  Volunteers are actually slave labor regardless of whether or not they do it “voluntarily” simply because with a cult like presence, MADD can easily encourage people to believe in their ideals and champion their cause (free of charge).  MADD then sends out these volunteers to speak about DUIs and the possible consequences, but if you check their Wikipedia article, MADD actually generates over $39 Million a year in revenue because of their slave labor practices (aka MADD as in “crazed” volunteers), while their CEOs and executives can pocket $12 Million of this income a year.  Don’t tell me they would be doing this if they really did want to stop DUI (I mean why not just make alcohol illegal?).

telemarketer 1 DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

This is an example of a MADD telemarketer… note the defeated look in her eyes…

MADD also has a telemarketing service that solicits donations which they pocket as well.  This telemarketing service is run by a third party agency that pays its employees a minimum wage base pay plus commission so they are encouraged to solicit as many donations as they can.

Clearly the message I am conveying is not to encourage drunken driving.  While I do believe that being impaired does affect a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle, the entire 0.08 rule is very harsh and the average person can go over the legal limit after two or three drinks which is really not tolerable since the point of going to a restaurant, bar, lounge or nightclub is to have a few drinks and socialize.  If you are going to be over the legal limit after a couple of beers, then what’s the point of business and what is the point of legalizing alcohol?

Take the gun control debate for example: it’s not the gun that kills, it’s the psychopath with the gun that kills.  The same principal applies to alcohol and it is not as simple as being over the legal limit that kills, (0.08) it is the individual’s inability to drive or process information over the legal limit that causes accidents (not necessarily a death) and it’s almost always those people who are over the 0.2 or 0.3 that causes fatal accidents, the rest of the people who are charged with DUIs are probably going to make it home safely.

burka and dress DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

According to DUI logic:  She wears a burka, so she’s a terrorist… His BAC is over 0.08, so he’s going to kill someone and cause an accident… Let’s just charged him with a DUI instead so we can legally rob him…

Radley Balko describes it best in this video:

To charge someone with a DUI just because he or she is over the legal limit alone is just asinine and it’s the same as saying that all Muslims are terrorists, or that guns should be banned simply because it is a preemptive strike against a greater crime that has not yet been committed.  How can you be certain that “every” person who drives after consuming alcohol will cause an accident or kill someone?  Clearly this is NOT the case since almost everyone who leaves the bars, clubs and restaurants after a night of drinking on the weekends make it home safely (or they get picked up by the cops).

Suspending a person’s license for 3 months (it’s actually longer) does not prevent someone from drinking and driving.  As long as there are bars, nightclubs and restaurants that serve alcohol, people will be drinking and driving. If you’ve ever been to a fine dining restaurant, the first thing you might get is a bottle of wine to complement your meal.  Well guess what?  You are legally over the limit after two glasses of wine (for some people it may be one glass)!  So how the hell do the law makers expect anyone to drink two glasses of wine?  Most people will drink at least 3 – 4 easily and 99% of them make it home safely!

douchebag cop 4 DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

And that was AFTER I had already arrested him, charged him with a DUI even though he was almost home!  And then I stuck in in a cell with violent criminals including a murder, a rapist and drug dealers!

Responsible drinking is subjective.  It will take 2 to 3 drinks to reach the legal 0.08 limit, but most people can probably handle twice as much without encountering any problems.  Let’s look at all the people out clubbing and at the bar on the weekends.

If you are a social drinker, then you should agree with me that DUI and drunken driving laws are complete bull sh*t and should be abolished and repealed simply because they cause more harm than good for society and it is certainly NOT stopping the threat because people are still going to go out on weekends and people are still going to be drinking, having a good time and driving home and I guarantee that 99% of them are going to make it home safely.  So what is the point of a DUI arrest?  In my opinion it is just to squeeze money out of citizens and to embarrass and humiliate them for a crime that was victimless.  If there are already crimes against murder and reckless driving, then why not just charge the driver when something actually happens?

dui checkpoint DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

pinit fg en rect gray 20 DUI and Drunk Driving Laws Should be Repealed and Abolished

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Daclaud Lee is a resident of Columbus Ohio.

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  1. Drunken Driving laws are BS and should be repealed! Who’s with me?

  2. Legalize Drunken Driving! No More DUIs! All of these laws are really jacked up and should no longer be implemented!

  3. I certainly agree that Drunken driving laws need to repealed. I mean I go out all the time, my friends go out all the time and we never get into accidents. There is no reason why the pigs should pull you over for driving with alcohol in your system if you are perfectly fine to drive. I don’t understand the logic behind it, either because people will always be drinking and driving, but not all of us get into accidents!

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