Halloween: man enters haunted house and murders 7 people in Ohio

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Halloween: man enters haunted house and murders 7 people in Ohio

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a fan of haunted houses and horror. Ohio is a State that loves haunted houses and Halloween seems to be everyone’s favorite Holiday; I should know, I live here in Columbus Ohio, home of the annual High Ball Halloween street party in the Short North. As an avid fan of horror movies, scary stories and urban legends, I naturally fell in love with October because of Halloween.

Last weekend I had met a girl off of OKCupid and we were at Mughal Darbar having dinner and after a few glasses of wine, we ended up chatting about ghost stories and haunted houses.  I told her how much fun I had at Mansfield Prison and TerrorFest during the years when they were open and she replied that haunted houses did not scare her, but then she remembered hearing about a haunted house somewhere way out there in small town Ohio (she did not remember the name or the location) where a man entered a haunted house, posing as one of the actors.  Supposedly there was surveillance footage from another business across the street that capture some of the incident on video which was featured on the local news.

This maniac  was dressed up as Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and he entered the haunted house with a real chainsaw!  Now it’s a haunted house during the month of October, so no one is going to suspect a thing and apparently this guy just waltzes right in, killed one of the actors, threw his body on the ground (people must have thought it was just another prop) and took his place in the scare queue.

Imagine going into this haunted house and hearing the chainsaw rev (which is terrorizing in its own right) only to find out that the chainsaw is real because it just cut into your friend (or worse, it just cut into you, because the killer picked you first).  Dazed and baffled, you start screaming and the people behind you scoff at you thinking you are chicken sh*t, but as the killer finishes off your friend, he charges towards you and the group behind you, sawing and dismembering one of them, which makes everyone suddenly realize that the sh*t is real!  Then everyone starts to scramble out the emergency exits in a panic while the killer chases after them.  The people on the outside are in disbelief and can’t tell if the whole thing is staged or not as you continue to run for your life…

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Halloween: man enters haunted house and murders 7 people in Ohio

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