Haunted Columbus Ohio: Mirror Lake, OSU Campus

Mirror Lake in this photo does not particularly appear haunted, but there have been many claims
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Columbus Ohio boasts one of the largest universities in the United States (the Ohio State University) and the city has its fair share of documented hauntings and ghost stories.  Many of these tales of the supernatural occurred right on OSU campus but one in particular stood out just because it the location had heavy traffic during the day, yet there were so many different sightings at night.

It was in the autumn of 2004 when I had first heard rumors of hauntings near Mirror Lake on OSU campus.  At the time, I was a student and I had a friend who was a connoisseur of the supernatural and the macabre and he had shared with me many tales of the hauntings and paranormal activity around Columbus Ohio.   If you search the internet you will find numerous stories about different ghosts and apparitions lingering about Mirror Lake.  A few examples are the student who drowned after she jumped in the lake and hit her head on the bottom, the jogger who was murdered during a failed mugging attempt and the lady in pink, who was supposedly committed suicide around mirror lake, among others.

We had been studying in the SEL (the Science and Engineering Library) all night for an exam, when a combination of general burn out and tedious irritation for reading textbooks encouraged us to break the boredom.  It was after 2:30am so all of the bars were closed, but there was still the idea of exploring local haunted places around Columbus.  Since we did not want to drive anywhere at the time, we had decided to stick around campus.  The only issue was the fact that almost all of the facilities were locked up (all except SEL, which was a 24 hour library, but there were no confirmed hauntings there), so we decided to hang out around Mirror Lake for a while.

Mirror Lake is not a big lake nor is it even very deep, so at the time I could not imagine how any could have possibly drowned, but James had told me how injuries do happen due to a tradition of thousands of students jumping into the Lake during the start of autumn quarter (now OSU is on semesters).  This was a tradition that occurred for decades and no one had any idea how long people had been doing this, but with thousands of students jumping into a lake (most of them were probably drunk or high) it’s without a doubt that more than one person would have been injured and it was quite believable that someone may have even drowned and no one would have known until it was too late (due to the general chaos of the event itself, which is not sponsored by OSU, so naturally there would not be any faculty members there to police the event).


mirror lake 300x224 Haunted Columbus Ohio: Mirror Lake, OSU Campus

Mirror Lake in this photo does not particularly appear haunted, but there have been many claims


It was around 3am when James and I started to pace around Mirror Lake in a vain attempt to stir up any supernatural apparition that may be haunting the area, but none seemed to rattle.  The entire night we had witnessed several people walk by, all students, but nothing out of the ordinary until about 3:30 or 3:45 when I had glanced a woman in White walk across the other side of the Mirror Lake.  James was smoking a cigarette and chatting on his cell phone.  As soon as I got his attention, I had looked around and the woman had disappeared.  Now it’s quite possible that this woman was a student getting back to her car as this is a common occurrence during all hours of the day and night, but her dress was a bit unusual since most students tend to dress a bit more casually in jeans, sweaters and even the most fashionable students would not wear white in October, so it was a bit odd to see her walk by after 3AM on a Friday night.  While this is not the exact dress, it looked very similar to the one this woman is wearing below.  I am not sure whether or not she was a ghost, but she did not dress like a typical Ohio State University student.

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I did a Google search for “White Dress” and the one worn by the woman in this picture most closely resembles the one worn by the woman I saw.


James and I scoured the area to find out if she was still nearby.  I recall her being a Caucasian in appearance and having dark brown, wavy hair.  It was only a moment after I seeing her when I turned around briefly to get James’s attention when she disappeared.  It was possible that she turned around and walked back the way she came, but we were not able to track her.  Was she one of the roaming spirits said to haunt OSU campus?  This I am unable to determine and it still boggles my imagination to this day.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Haunted Columbus Ohio: Mirror Lake, OSU Campus

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    Mirror lake is a creepy place at night and I really hate walking through it alone.

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