How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, you will need to be able to obtain food and water as well as be a pretty decent fighter. Basic survival skills also come in handy.

How to Obtain Food

Obviously you will need to be able to get food somehow or you will starve to death and become a zombie yourself.  Here are some ways to get food:

  • Scavenging and Looting – at first you will most likely be scavenging for food and water.  Grocery stores and residential homes are obviously where most people will start to look first.  Unfortunately food has an expiration date and even the most preserved food will go bad sooner or later, so you will need to have other skills to get food and water.
  • Hunting – If you are able to use a bow and arrow, crossbow, spears or guns, then you should eventually be able to hunt.  The thing about hunting is that there is a chance that the animals may be infected too, so hunting may or may not be a good idea.  Hopefully this is not the case and meat will be fine to consume.
  • Fishing – Fishing may be the best way to get food. All it takes is a fishing pole and a can of worms as bait.  Fishing is really not that difficult and you can find fish at most lakes or bodies of water.  Scale the fish and cook it over an open fire and you have a quick meal.
  • Gardening – Seeds can be obtained at nurseries or home improvement.  Hopefully you are able to download and print out a free gardening guide online, but there is also the local library and bookstores to loot.  Vegetables do take time to grow, so you will need a place to hole up before you are able to get any food.
  • Gathering – Fruit trees are all over the countryside and a lot of people have fruit trees growing in their back yards.  Most fruit trees only have fruit in late summer and fall, so you are limited to when you can find fruit.  If you have a vehicle, then you can store boxes of fruit as they typically last a long time.
  • Worst Case Scenario – You can eat certain roots and vegetation growing in the wild.  You can also eat grubs, most insects and worms for nutrients.  If you’re desperate, then you will do this.  But as I’ve mentioned, there are better ways to get food.


How to Obtain and Purify Water

Water can be obtained whenever it rains or at any body of water such as a pond or lake.  Pond or lake water will of course have a lot of debris and you will need to filter and purify it.

  • Filtering – to filter out all the debris, you will need a piece of cheese cloth, paper towel or some kind of cotton plug.  After filtering the water, you will need to purify it by either boiling it or using bleach.
  • Boiling – if you have the means to create a fire and a pot to boil the water with, then you can purify the water by boiling it. The heat from the flames will kill almost all bacteria and viruses.
  • Bleach – If you can’t boil the water, then use bleach. The general rule is 8 – 16 drops of household bleach per gallon of water.  This is the equivalent of  a 1/4 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water.  Bleach will kill almost all bacteria and viruses and will help make the water drinkable.  Once the water is relatively clear, then it means it is drinkable, albeit with the smell of chlorine.


Melee Weapon

Personally I would like to have a machete as my standard zombie killing melee weapon.  Machetes are fairly light weight and fast.  All it takes is a swift chop to the head to disable a zombie.  A machete also straps to your back and can be holstered. A crowbar will allow you to pry open doors and windows when you need to break into a house or business.

  • Machete –  standard zombie killing melee weapon
  • Crow Bar – Backup zombie killing melee weapon as well as door opener

crow bar How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse machete How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Note:  If you can, conserve ammo.  Always kill zombies with melee weapons unless you don’t have another choice.  Save your bullets for human raiders, looters and general bad guys who want to harm you.


Primary Gun

My personal preference would be some kind of semi automatic rifle or a high capacity sawed off shotgun as a primary zombie killing weapon.  The rifle would be useful for long range fire and the shotgun would be useful for dispatching a group of zombies.

  • Sawed off Shotgun – A good short ranged weapon to fend off zombies in a confined area
  • Semi-Automatic Rifle (AR-15) – Good for long range killing in the open

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Secondery Sidearm

A good handgun is also essential to survival.  Something that fits into a side holster such as a Beretta 92 9mm or a Glock 17 are good choices since they both have the ability to use high capacity magazines.  There are 30 round magazine extensions for each of these guns and they can also be tricked out for automatic fire (just make sure you don’t do this too often or it will burn out the gun).  I prefer 9mm handguns because ammo is much more common than other calibers.

  • 9mm Handgun – High capacity magazines and ammo is easy to find


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Inside your backpack you should carry:

  • Dry Food – Preserved food is the best
  • Water Canteen or Bottle – trust me, you will need water
  • First Aid Kit – banadages, Tylenol, and iodine
  • Extra Ammo – You will need all the ammo you can carry
  • Swiss Army Knife – always comes in handy
  • Hunting Knife – used to cut meat for food
  • Bleach – used to purify water
  • Breathable Cloth – used to filter water
  • Can Opener – When you are looting a grocery store, you may need this
  • Lighter – to make a camp fire
  • Cooking Utensils – if you need to cook food and eat
  • Sleeping Bag – some places are very cold, so having one will prevent you from freezing to death



Having a vehicle may be essential to surviving the zombie apocalypse because you may need to relocate when you get overrun. I would definitely recommend an SUV.  A Hummer would be ideal since it is relatively well armored for a civilian vehicle.  Even though Hummers are gas guzzlers, the pros weight more than the cons.

Hummer 300x168 How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

  • Capacity – You will have lots of trunk space for a mobile camp and you can carry up to 6 people comfortably
  • Extra Fuel – An SUV will allow you to carry big gallon fuel canisters in case you can’t loot the gas station
  • Off Road Driving – A lot of roads will be blocked with abandoned cars and there may be times when you need to go off road
  • Extra Food – An SUV will be able to carry crates of food and supplies


A Place to Hole up

You will need to sleep eventually and if you can find a permanent residence, then more the better.  Here are some options:

  • Prison – No one is getting in, since it was designed for no one to get out (credit to the Walking Dead).  The only hard part is clearing it out and another issue are prisoners; most of them are probably not good people.
  • Shopping Mall – It may take a lot to barricade, but a shopping mall offers many luxuries such as food, clothes and entertainment (credit to Dawn of the Dead).  All the stores can be barricaded with the chain fence.  Clearing it out may be difficult; just hope the zombie apocalypse occurred during closing hours!
  • Walled Town or City – A bit more difficult to manage, but if you have a lot of people who have banded together in a community, then you might be able to get everyone to cooperate and wall off the town or city.  Just be careful who you elect as the leader, because you don’t want a Governor (Walking Dead) or Paul Kauffman (Land of the Dead).
  • A House – I would pick the most fortified mansion I could find, preferably a house that can be barricaded and isolated (not too isolated as you may need to go on supply runs).  A house should not be difficult to take, but it may be difficult to hold (Night of the Living Dead).
  • Wilderness – If you can find a camp site, then you may be able to create a barricade around the area.  A sure thing about the wilderness area is that there will be less zombies roaming about.

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