I am NOT Trayvon Martin (I am NOT George Zimmerman either)

pinit fg en rect gray 20 I am NOT Trayvon Martin (I am NOT George Zimmerman either)

I am NOT Trayvon Martin (and I’m sure as hell not George Zimmerman either). If you identify with Trayvon Martin, then I feel bad for you. This is because you are most likely some punk ass, thug looking, Lil’ Wayne wannabe who looks like he’s up to no good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist (I’m sure Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would disagree), but if you speak in ghetto, wear saggy pants with your underwear showing, then you will probably annoy the hell out of me and you look like you’re up to no good (yes I am going to judge you if you look like this regardless of your actual intentions).

Let’s assume I was wearing a black hoodie (not my style, but let’s assume for the sake of the argument that I was dressed similar to Trayvon Martin and happen to be walking through George Zimmerman’s neighborhood where he is on patrol). Let’s also assume that George Zimmerman starts to follow me. Sure, I would be suspicious. I would be like “why the hell is this dude following me?” and I would also probably confront him about it (before he confronted me).

Now let’s assume either I confronted George Zimmerman (hypothetically as a Trayvon Martin) or George Zimmerman confronted me. Let’s assume the worst and he actually called me out and asked me what I was doing walking through the neighborhood. Any rational person (who is not up to no good) with any sense in them would simply reply back to George and explain that he was just walking down the street; no harm in that right? Now let’s say George Zimmerman continues to ask me why I’m there. Well, I would simply respond: “I am just taking a walk sir”. If he continues to harass me I would simply ask him to perhaps “escort me to my location?” As a neighborhood watch, he should have been willing to do this.

Now what did Trayvon Martin do? Well, he responded to his friend, Rachel Jeantel “some creepy ass cracka is following me.” This would indicate that Trayvon Martin is at least equally racist, (assuming George Zimmerman is also “racist”; “assuming” being the key word here because there were no facts of him being racist) because the word “Cracker” is supposed to be on a similar level as the word “Nigger”.

Back to the idea of racism; it’s not easy to really like and accept people who are “thugged out” and act like Lil Wayne. I’m sorry, but it has nothing to do with Lil Wayne being Black, it is more due to the fact that he’s extremely disgusting because he’s ghetto and trashy (at least in my opinion). I say the same thing about Eminem and I often call White dudes who dress like thugs “Eminem / Slim Shady wannabes” simply because they disgust me as well. An Asian, Arab, Latino or Indian dude who does the same thing will also get eye rolls and negative thoughts from me so it’s really not racially motivated; (sub)culturally, maybe, but not racially.

So anyway, back to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case. It looks to me like Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman first, beat the living shit out of him (even a forensics expert was able to testify that Zimmerman’s wounds were really severe and could have been fatal if Trayvon kept on going). Younger men (especially ones who practice MMA like Trayvon Martin) fight fiercely and boy are they fast! Young fighters tend to swing more violently and chaotically, not fully in control of their own actions, nor having a proper strategy. Zimmerman could have been killed if Trayvon’s lust for violence kept him on the offensive. I mean look at George Zimmerman; he’s fat, he’s short, he’s extremely out of shape. If it were a cage fight with no holds bar, I would have bet all my money on Trayvon Martin coming out as the victor. So what was George Zimmerman supposed to do? He was getting his ass handed to him, his head was being bashed into concrete and he probably thought he was about to die. So what does he do? He knows he is armed and he knew Trayvon Martin was not about to let up, so he did what he had to, he reached for his gun and shot him all in the name of self-preservation (which is justified). I mean wouldn’t any of you have done the same thing? If you were getting the shit beat out of you by some thug who was stronger and a better fighter than you, and he did not seem like he was willing to stop until you were either dead or unconscious, wouldn’t you have done the same thing? I know I would, because fight or flight, my flight options are gone at this point and so are my more “honorable” fight options simply because my opponent is too powerful, so what do I do? What would you do? You know you have a gun (which would be your only advantage) and you know if your opponent discovers this gun, you may be killed with your own weapon, so what do you do? You shoot and kill him before he can kill you.

My point being; I am NOT Trayvon Martin and I have no reason to get into a fight with security or neighborhood block watch people. Let me put it this way, if it was a murder, then George Zimmerman would not have been as bruised and bloodied as he was after the incident.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 I am NOT Trayvon Martin (I am NOT George Zimmerman either)

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