Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

Doesn't everyone know that Katie Perry has nice boobs?

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I don’t particularly like her music (okay fine, it’s not bad, but not good either) and I hate the fact that she thinks she is “Goth” when she is not, but I’m not going to lie, Katy Perry is one hot chick!

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I mean damn… look at this chick!  I wish she was A Part of Me right now because  I am really digging the purple dress, it’s looks like a butterfly or something; who am I kidding?  Katy Perry has some pretty huge boobs and that’s what I was staring at all this time.  I mean seriously, what man does not like boobs?  I am unable unable to name one guy who can honestly say that he does not like her boobs, I mean really?  Even gay dudes like boobs!  Hell, even women like boobs! And I mean that Unconditionally!

 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

Look into those hypnotic eyes…   that dark hair that looks like something out of the 50’s!  That dress is also amazing and those multi colored floral patterns just make her look really sexy, don’t you think?  Oh wait, I was actually staring at that cleavage!  My bad!  I’ll be the first to admit, she really is a Teenage (wet) Dream!

kate perry 300x248 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

Katy Perry probably puts up a great performance when she’s on stage singing her pop songs, leaving me Wide Awake.  I mean,  just look at how beautiful and curvy she is!  You just gotta love that purple dress once again, the Peacock-esque look and that bracelet rally does bring out that outfit as well!  I think it matches her hair just perfectly, but what the hell?  I was really just staring at her boobs the entire time!  She can hear me Roar like a hungry lion whenever I see her!

katy perry 1 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

I think this one must have been taken on St. Patricks day or something, since it’s a warm, Spring green color with what appears to be some kind of floral design around her neck.  Yeah…  I was actually looking down, right at her boobs, but I do like her in this outfit though!  Must be a California Girls thing.  Except move over Snoop Dogg, because the D-A-C, D-O Double G is gonna take your place as the naught dog tonight as she’s Waking up in Las Vegas with me tonight!

katy perry 3 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

And holy sh*t!  Just an eye itch away from a complete Katy Perry Boob Shot! I think she has me Walking on Air right now, but that’s just because I kind of have my head in the clouds for this chick, so I’ll never feel grounded.  Man, I wish she did nudes, I really do!  Maybe she will come over on my Birthday and surprise me!

katy perry 8 200x300 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

This one is before Darkhorse.  Katy Perry with slightly shorter hair, a bit more youthful with an innocent looking smile.  I think she was dating Russel Brand at the time (lucky mofo) and she must have only been a 34-C at the time.  And yes, I was staring at her boobs, even back then!

katy perry 7 271x300 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

Even Elmo got a hug from Katy Perry…  “And that’s when I kissed a Girl!” said Elmo on Sesame Street.  If I were a little kid, I would have eventually turned into a boob man because of her!

katy perry 9 271x300 Katie Perry Has Nice Boobs

Years later Katy Perry turned into a nerd and even joined the Elmo fan club and after joining up, her boobs somehow got a lot bigger!  That’s enough to cause Fireworks!  Red hot and smoking!  Maybe if I was E.T. I would have a bit more luck with this chick?  She seems to go for the weird ones.

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