7 Marketing Tips for Restaurants

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1.  The Product (food)

In order to effectively market your business you have to believe in your product (the food).  As long as you believe in your product, you will be able to convince others how great it tastes!

2.  Price Point

The trend of the decade is quick and casual, so stick to this kind of concept.  Examples include Chipotle, Panera Bread and Piada (which had the record growth in Columbus Ohio for a new restaurant).  Piada is basically a Chipotle rip off, but this is what people want.  Something that is perceived as cheap and good.

3.  Facebook

It may be a bit harder to reach your target audience due to Facebook changing its algorithm for their page exposure, but you still have to encourage people to LIKE your page as the advertising is still “free” (unless you actually opt to boost the page, but this can get expensive, fast).  I would recommend asking for the LIKES by printing it on your to go menu or posting a sign on the window.  Once the customer LIKES your page, they will be able to see all of your promotions within their news feed.  Each time they LIKE or share your post, anyone on their friends list may also see it.  So make sure your posts are engaging so people actually share or LIKE it.

4.  Google Ad Words

This is a type of pay as you go advertising.  While SEO (search engine optimization) requires a lot of work, Google Ad words allows you to pick your own key words (Google will even have statistics for you to let you know how popular a key word is).  Google adwords allow you to set a budget (it will automatically stop once you go over your budget) and will also allow you to monitor clicks to your website (you can even have them click on your phone number if they have a program that will make calls on their computer) so you will know exactly which key words are working and which ones are not working for your restaurant.

5.  YouTube

This is a great way to create your own video or commercials.  Just use your phone to shoot the layout of your restaurant.  If you have an engaging staff (theater majors or something like that), then you will be able to make funny videos that may go viral (keep in mind that you will also need some creativity and good script writing for this).

6. Comments on other people’s Sites

Find some hipster website that features trendy restaurants and ask them if you can advertise on their site.  Assuming it does not break your budget then go for it.  A website like this will also have a Facebook page.  Make sure to LIKE their page and post your restaurant in the comments (for example, if they are talking about the best local pizza joint and you happen to own a restaurant

7.  Blogs

Blogs help you increase SEO for your website and is a great way to supplement your search terms.  Just write about recipes, ingredients and make sure to reference your location (city, state, country, ect) to make your SEO stronger so people will be able to find you.  Let’s say you have a blog on Pizza; if the content is engaging and informative, then you will be able to be found by people searching for your product (food) will find it.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 7 Marketing Tips for Restaurants

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