New Year’s Resolutions: Daclaud Lee

pinit fg en rect gray 20 New Years Resolutions: Daclaud Lee

On December 31 2013 instead of going out and getting wasted with my buddies, I spent the night alone in front of my computer like the Forever Alone guy (but hey, I had stuff to do, like Warhammer miniature painting and searching blogs for inspiring Warhammer conversions!  Here are my goals for 2014

1.  Get Fit – I need to get back into a size 30 pants and lose my beer gut (size 32 pants are getting too tight for me).  I will do so by:

  • Running every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night (at least 1 – 2 miles a night, will boost to 3 later)
  • Lifting Weights every day
  • Restricting my diet to high protein and low fat (no fast food or deep fried food)
  • I will also limit my intake of beer and alcoholic beverages
  • I will drink at least a half gallon to a gallon of water a day


2.  Convert the Grudgebringer Infantry, Crossbow and Cavalry units for my Warhammer Empire mercenary army and create a separate blog for Warhammer conversions alone.

3.  Make more money

  • Get my felony charge removed (yeah I have one of those)
  • Create a new marketing plan for my restaurant
  • Maybe get a better job?


pinit fg en rect gray 20 New Years Resolutions: Daclaud Lee

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Daclaud Lee is a resident of Columbus Ohio.

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