Why I’m Glad George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

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I had been following the George Zimmerman trial and here are my thoughts.

1.  All of Trayvon Martin’s photos were of him when he was 12 or 13!  Look:

trayvonfrontimage Why Im Glad George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

Trayvon Martin is clearly NOT 17 in this photo – propaganda anyone?  Biased anyone?  Race war anyone?

2.  Race doesn’t matter, if you look like a ghetto ass thug walking through my nice neighborhood, I am going to question why you are there.  If you refuse to answer and then attack me, then I will defend myself.

3.  Was there proof that George Zimmerman was actually racist?  I mean why even pull the race card?  Did anyone protest when OJ Simpson was declared “not guilty” of killing a White Woman?  Has anyone even found the real killer?  No right?  This implies that OJ really did murder his wife.  How come no one protested against this?

4.  If you have not watched the movie Kids (1995) then you will not know how violent a teenager can actually.  Put a well built 17 year old against an out of shape 29 year old and I will bet on the 17 year old to win the fight because younger men are more vicious, they swing faster and more violently.  Even Bane referenced Batman fighting like a younger man in the Movie Dark Knight Rises; BANE: “You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken. “

movies kids 1 Why Im Glad George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

Scary looking bunch… and these teenagers beat the hell out of some random guy with skateboards… And LOOK!  The one on the left looks a lot like Trayvon Martin!  I’m “racist” whatever!  I do recall Chris Tucker telling Jackie Chan after he accidentally punched him in the movie Rush Hour 2: “Ya’ll look the same to me!”

Here is the fight scene where Chris Tucker utters these words.  If I’m “racist” then so are all of you!


5.  Trayvon Martin’s parents trademarked his name?  And the slogans “I am Trayvon Martin” and “Justice for Trayvon”?  This looks like a sorry excuse for her ghetto b*tch ass to cash in on her son’s death and the publicity behind it. 

martin27n 1 web Why Im Glad George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

So now this punk ass kid, Trayvon Martin has his own shirt?  Will you call me racist too for saying “he probably deserved it?”

6.  Casey Anthony got away with killing a baby and nobody really gave a sh*t.  In fact, she even got deals to appear in porn videos and has probably found a sugar daddy to take care of her.

7.  Speaking of not giving a shit, what about OJ being found innocent of killing a white woman?

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Why Im Glad George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

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